Aug 2014

MadC solo show “Reflections”

On Thursday, 4th of September, my next solo show opens at Kolly Gallery in Z├╝rich, Switzerland. I put more than a year of work into this show and am therefore very excited to finally show my new pieces on canvas. In addition I created some new objects I have never shown before and that I will keep as a surprise until the opening. If you are curious, come to the opening at Kolly Gallery on 4th of September at 6pm. See you there.


Aug 2014

MadC paints the Molotow train

On a very hot day this summer, I went to the Molotow headquarters in the Black Forrest to catch up with old friends and to finally paint the Molotow train. For my layer technique I used Molotow Premium cans, some of the new Flame Orange cans and a bunch of Transparents of course. Red Tower Films not only documented the painting of the train, but also took the opportunity to shoot an interview with me. This is actually the first real video interview with me. So if you like check out the video below. The photos were taken by Marco Prosch. Thanks to the Molotow family for the good times.

MadC_20140607_33808_MarcoProsch MadC_20140607_33858_MarcoProsch MadC_20140607_34130_MarcoProsch MadC_20140607_34414_MarcoProsch MadC_20140607_34700_MarcoProsch MadC_20140607_34841_MarcoProsch MadC_20140607_34882_MarcoProsch MadC_20140608_35434_MarcoProsch MadC_20140608_35629_MarcoProsch MadC_20140608_35743_MarcoProsch MadC_20140608_35791_MarcoProsch MadC_20140608_35969_MarcoProsch


Jun 2014

New MadC Mural in Tahiti

Most of May I spent in Tahiti and it’s islands. I was invited to paint a large mural in Papeete during the Ono’u festival. With 12 hours time difference and after a 36 hours trip, painting a 16 meters high wall in the heat was quite a challenge. Thanks to some help from local Jops and the French guys Alex, Hopare and Brok, I managed to paint the wall in 5 days – thanks again! Since a lot of other cool people where invited, the event was not just a very interesting mix of artists but also had a very good overall vibe. Thanks to Jean and Sarah for all the efforts in organising! Here are photos of the new mural and a bunch of shots to give you an impression of French Polynesia. I also painted a quick piece at the festival and will upload photos of the other artists murals in a later post.

Most of the photos were taken by the great Selina Miles and Marco Prosch.


Tahiti_20140520_31935 Tahiti_20140517_31933 Tahiti_20140517_3193
Tahiti_20140514_31931 Tahiti_20140514

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