Jun 2014

New MadC Mural in Tahiti

Most of May I spent in Tahiti and it’s islands. I was invited to paint a large mural in Papeete during the Ono’u festival. With 12 hours time difference and after a 36 hours trip, painting a 16 meters high wall in the heat was quite a challenge. Thanks to some help from local Jops and the French guys Alex, Hopare and Brok, I managed to paint the wall in 5 days – thanks again! Since a lot of other cool people where invited, the event was not just a very interesting mix of artists but also had a very good overall vibe. Thanks to Jean and Sarah for all the efforts in organising! Here are photos of the new mural and a bunch of shots to give you an impression of French Polynesia. I also painted a quick piece at the festival and will upload photos of the other artists murals in a later post.

Most of the photos were taken by the great Selina Miles and Marco Prosch.


Tahiti_20140520_31935 Tahiti_20140517_31933 Tahiti_20140517_3193
Tahiti_20140514_31931 Tahiti_20140514


Mai 2014

“Street Art – Fine Art” book

Here’s a beautiful new publication – “Street Art / Fine Art” by Ingrid Beazley and published by Heni Publishing London. It is a documentary of the pieces that were painted by several Street Artists around Dulwich in 2013. All pieces were inspired by paintings from the Dulwich Picture Gallery. The project and book features artists such as ROA, Remi Rough, Phlegm, Conor Harrington, Thierry Noir, Pablo Delgado, Dscreet, Stik, Agent Provocateur, Christiaan Nagel, Mear One, David Shillinglaw, System, Run, Reka, Ben Wilson and myself. The book is large and heavy and spreads over 352 pages.

You can find it with the following ISBN number: 978-0-95640-419-0

I was at the book launch in London, where several of us artists painted the walls of Heni publishing. Have a look at the video and at some images of the book.


MadC_SAFA_20140501_27752_MarcoProsch MadC_SAFA_20140501_27781_MarcoProsch MadC_SAFA_20140501_27778_MarcoProsch MadC_SAFA_20140501_27774_MarcoProsch

MadC_SAFA_20140501_27762_MarcoProsch MadC_SAFA_20140501_27766_MarcoProsch


Apr 2014

New Interview

I was recently  interviewed by Outdoorbuzz.net. You can check it out here.

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