Apr 2015

„Bits & Pieces“ solo show

My next solo show opens 2nd of May at Gallery Wallworks in New York. Here is a little info on the show:

„Even though heavily abstracted, MadC’s canvases are compiled of graffiti pieces assembled through energetic, layered brush strokes. The many transparent layers create an intriguing depth in each piece. For this exhibition MadC chose to paint mainly small format pieces – bits and pieces. All 20+ canvases have never been seen before. In addition to the canvases, gallery Wallworks will release a new 8 layer MadC screen print. Gallery Wallworks and MadC welcome you to the opening on Saturday, May 2nd.“

See you in New York!



Apr 2015

Graffiti Art Magazine #2/2015

The current issue of Graffiti Art Magazine features a report about my last solo show at 44309 Gallery in Germany. This magazine is always worth a look and buy, so check your newsstand or order it online on their website.



Mrz 2015

Google feat. MadC

Google Street Art visited me in my studio and joined me while I painted a wall. Here is the film as well as the wall and some detail shots. It’s in German only (with English subtitles) – sorry to all the English speakers out there. The wall is called „She Rocks The Streets“ since it is part of the Women’s Forum’s Project. Read more about it here.


GoogleFinal2015 parIMG_8599 part-IMG_8602 Unbenannt-1

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