Sep 2016

National Geographic Special

I recently gave National Geographic an interview and am proud to be featured on six pages in their latest special edition called „Galerien & Museen“. Every National Geographic subscriber in Germany receives the special edition magazine this month. If you click on the pictures you’ll get to a larger version in legible size. The text is in German only.






Jul 2016

New video about me testing the new ONE4All Spray Paint

Just recently Molotow kindly asked me and a few other artists to test the new innovative spray paint ONE4ALL. So they came to my studio and brought some of the new spray cans to test on canvas. ONE4ALL Spray Paint is a water based acrylic spray paint to fit the ONE4ALL Marker system for a wet-in-wet use. Check out what I think about it’s low odor, bright colors and versatile usability. Many thanks to Molotow for visiting and the nice little atmospheric video.


Mai 2016

New Mural in Philadelphia

I was invited as a guest artist by the prestigious City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. So I spent my last 2 weeks in the states to realise my latest mural. Other artists invited before were Katharina Grosse, Shepard Fairey, How&Nosm, Swoon, Momo and many more. I had a good time working with my assistants Nicole and Malachi, in some rainy and some sunny days, thanks to them for the progress shots and to Steve Weinik for the final photos. Make sure to drop by at 2835 Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, USA where the mural is located!

IMG_9474 IMG_9471 IMG_2815

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