Mrz 2016

MadC – Molotow Train part 2

In summer last year I painted the Molotow train for a second time. This was an event in collaboration with Kolly Gallery. I wanted to show the progress I made in the last year in one piece – from classic graffiti letters to bold watercolour calligraphy and still writing my name. Thanks for the great photos to Marco Prosch and the video to Red Tower Films.


madc_molotow_20150724_28140_marcoprosch madc_molotow_20150725_28201_marcoprosch madc_molotow_20150725_28232_marcoprosch madc_molotow_20150725_28404_marcoprosch madc_molotow_20150725_28541_marcoprosch madc_molotow_20150725_28766_marcoprosch madc_molotow_20150726_31938_marcoprosch


Feb 2016


I recently collaborated with the French start-up Accoo and made a design for an external battery. It’s a great tool when travelling long distances. Accoo is giving away 5 batteries to my facebook fans. So if you want want, click here to participate. For purchase and more images of the battery click here.

MadC_Headerblog Visuel-2-MadCBlog


Dez 2015

MadC solo show in Paris

In early November my solo show „The bright Side of Life“ opened at Galerie Brugier-Rigail in Paris. Hexogen Pictures took a little interview and gives some impressions in the film below together with a bunch of photos. This show was just a little „teaser“ for my solo show at the same gallery in March 2016. Stay tuned and thanks for everyone who came to this opening! See you next year.


MadC_Paris_20151105_71362 MadC_Paris_20151105_71392 MadC_Paris_20151105_71379 MadC_Paris_20151105_71370 MadC_Paris_20151105_71366 MadC_Paris_20151105_71363 MadC_Paris_20151105_71449 MadC_Paris_20151105_71450 MadC_Paris_20151105_71453


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