Dez 2015

MadC solo show in Paris

In early November my solo show „The bright Side of Life“ opened at Galerie Brugier-Rigail in Paris. Hexogen Pictures took a little interview and gives some impressions in the film below together with a bunch of photos. This show was just a little „teaser“ for my solo show at the same gallery in March 2016. Stay tuned and thanks for everyone who came to this opening! See you next year.


MadC_Paris_20151105_71362 MadC_Paris_20151105_71392 MadC_Paris_20151105_71379 MadC_Paris_20151105_71370 MadC_Paris_20151105_71366 MadC_Paris_20151105_71363 MadC_Paris_20151105_71449 MadC_Paris_20151105_71450 MadC_Paris_20151105_71453



Okt 2015

„Character“ solo show opening

On 1st of October my solo show „Character“ opened at Pure Evil Gallery – The Department Store in London. Thanks a lot to Pure Evil himself and to the many people who came by and made it a truely great day. Below you can find a bunch of photos from the opening as well as the show. You can still see it live until end of October at Pure Evil Gallery, 96-98 Leonard St, London. Thanks to Marco Prosch for the photos.

MadC_London_3164 MadC_London_2684 MadC_London_2815 MadC_London_2912 MadC_London_2931 MadC_London_2992 MadC_London_3080 MadC_London_3083 MadC_London_3146 MadC_London_3185 MadC_London_3306 MadC_London_3342 MadC_London_3380 MadC_London_3402 MadC_London_3435 MadC_London_3438 MadC_London_3461 MadC_London_3691 MadC_London_4173 MadC_London_4208 MadC_London_4254 MadC_London_4257 MadC_London_4278 MadC_London_4292 MadC_London_4357


Sep 2015

New Mural in Dulwich London

In 2013, Ingrid Beazley, founder of the Dulwich Outdoor Galleryinvited me for the first time to paint a wall based on a painting of the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Last week I returned to Dulwich to paint a new mural inspired by Van Dyck’s painting of Lady Digby. I made an abstract version of the painting in my signature transparent calligraphy style, leaving only a decaying rose as a realistic element. Make sure to read up on the story of the painting which is quite fascinating. A film about the wall will follow. Thanks to Ingrid for organising everything perfectly, to Molotow for the paint, to Remi Rough who helped with materials and ladder, The Plough for storage food and drinks and last but not least to my assistant Reno.

IMG_0030  IMG_9931-1 IMG_9868 IMG_0147-1 IMG_0126-1 IMG_0006
IMG_7541 IMG_7542

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