MadC mural in London

Right after Sweden I went to London to paint a massive mural in Shoreditch. It took me 3 beautiful but long days, a scissor lift and lots of paint to finish it. The wall is in good company next to Reka, Roa, Shepard Fairey, Ben Eine and more, so go check it out when you are in the area. Thanks for the photos and help to Reno, as well as Andy Seize and to Charley aka Pure Evil and Londonewcastle.
IMG_4728 MadC_London_20130814_6205_RenoRoessel MadC_London_20130814_6206_RenoRoessel MadC_London_20130815_6208_RenoRoessel MadC_London_20130815_6209_RenoRoessel MadC_London_20130815_6211_RenoRoessel

IMG_4873IMG_4848IMG_4750 MadC_London_20130815_6214_RenoRoessel MadC_London_20130816_6218_RenoRoessel MadC_London_20130816_6220_RenoRoessel MadC_London_20130816_6221_RenoRoessel

IMG_4899 MadC painting in London MadC_London_20130817_6229_RenoRoessel