MadC paints the Molotow train

On a very hot day this summer, I went to the Molotow headquarters in the Black Forrest to catch up with old friends and to finally paint the Molotow train. For my layer technique I used Molotow Premium cans, some of the new Flame Orange cans and a bunch of Transparents of course. Red Tower Films not only documented the painting of the train, but also took the opportunity to shoot an interview with me. This is actually the first real video interview with me. So if you like check out the video below. The photos were taken by Marco Prosch. Thanks to the Molotow family for the good times.

MadC_20140607_33808_MarcoProsch MadC_20140607_33858_MarcoProsch MadC_20140607_34130_MarcoProsch MadC_20140607_34414_MarcoProsch MadC_20140607_34700_MarcoProsch MadC_20140607_34841_MarcoProsch MadC_20140607_34882_MarcoProsch MadC_20140608_35434_MarcoProsch MadC_20140608_35629_MarcoProsch MadC_20140608_35743_MarcoProsch MadC_20140608_35791_MarcoProsch MadC_20140608_35969_MarcoProsch