MadC x Rituals…

I wanted to write about my collaboration with Rituals Cosmetics a while ago already. However, I have been travelling with them so much that I had no time to update you all. Well, here is the story: Last year Rituals Cosmetics and I decided to team up to create something special and unique for their summer limited edition 2017. Rituals challenged me to express my soul and therefore gave me the widest possible creative freedom. They sent me nothing but the fragrance of the limited edition and no other guidelines. I then painted a canvas according to the scent. This was a first for me – being inspired by a fragrance. But it surely won’t be the last time. I’d love to write about Rituals in depth, but it would take a lot of pages to do so. So better visit their website if you are not familiar with the brand yet.

Rituals then took a part of the canvas and applied it to 8 products that make up the summer limited edition. On each of the products you can read:

“Life is a work of art and your daily rituals are the colours that make up the painting of your life. We asked MadC to use her artistic passion and express her soul for Rituals.”

Besides the fantastic body cosmetics, there are also fragrance sticks to make your home smell nice and get you inspired, as well as a limited edition sketch book and an ice tea. All products are in stores only until October and only till they are sold out. So hurry if you don’t want to miss out on them. Below you can find all 8 products and an introduction video to our collaboration. I will post about the large scale outdoor pieces Rituals and I did together in a later post.

I am very proud of the result and feel very attached to the brand and the people behind it. Thanks to everyone who joined me on this journey.