Mexico part 2

Here are some photos of my short visit to Leon/Mexico where I painted the wall of the Office of Human Rights (Procuraduria de los Derechos Humanos). The wall is about 184m2 big and I painted it in 4,5 days. The idea of the wall is based on Martin Luther King’s famous speech “I have a dream”. I used quotes from that speech in English and Spanish.

I decided on this speech and quotes because it had a big influence on human rights, not only in the U.S. Also phrases like “I have a dream” or “we cannot walk alone” is something people can relate to in all matters of human rights.

The first part of the wall symbolises the noise made by people worldwide asking for human rights. The more those rights are granted, the more silent those words become until one day they hopefully vanish. The last 3 quotes on the wall read “one day” – “no podemos volver atras” (we cannot turn back) – “free at last”. Other phrases in use read: “no podemos caminar solos” (we cannot walk alone), “this is our hope”, “I have a dream today”, “libre al fin” (free at last), freedom, esperanza (hope), justice etc.

Here are some photos of the wall, the making of and some impressions from Mexico, including the encounter with a scorpion on my last day in the city.