Pure Evil Gallery – Department Store

Pure Evil Gallery just opened an awesome new space on 96 – 98 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4RH. One of my new paintings is shown there alongside Banksy, Pure Evil, Ben Eine, Herakut, RCF, Isaac Cordal and many more. Go check it out! Photos by Marco Prosch.
PureEvilDept_20131114_4848_MarcoProsch2PureEvilDept_20131114_4589_MarcoProsch PureEvilDept_20131114_4670_MarcoProsch PureEvilDept_20131114_4753_MarcoProsch PureEvilDept_20131114_4768_MarcoProsch PureEvilDept_20131114_4781_MarcoProsch  PureEvilDept_20131114_4867_MarcoProsch PureEvilDept_20131114_4877_MarcoProsch