Solo Show ‘Kaleidoscope’

On 8th of December my solo show “Kaleidoscope” opened at Kolly Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland. I have never worked on a show that long – almost 2 years!

I had the idea for this show in 2014 already, when I created my Kaleidoscope cans (check the link). Back then I cut the calligraphic elements of my canvases in thin, coloured glass and put them into a kaleidoscope. Endless pattern pieces where created with the elements of just one canvas. But not just the patterns were special in my kaleidoscopes, but also, that they would look different depending on the light and background, thanks to their transparent elements.

In my latest solo show, I took the elements of a painted canvas, put it into a kaleidoscope and re-created the resulting pattern by painting it on wood. But I also wanted to re-create the many visual possibilities offered by the type of light. The only way to do this was by using an unusual material – Crystals.

Each of the crystal pieces is compiled out of thousands of Swarovski and Preciosa stones, each took weeks and month to finish and all of the pieces look very different, depending on the light and point of view. It is almost impossible to catch the pieces in just on photograph. So you better go and see it in the flesh. In the exhibition you see each time a calligraphic piece and a corresponding kaleidoscope piece made of crystals. The show is on view until 7th of January. The exhibition catalogue is available at the gallery.

Thanks to Marco Prosch for the photos!