Sweden Tour – Part 2

On our tour with Art of the Streets; Kaos, Bates and I went and painted 3 more walls in Karlstad, Malmö and the last one on a rainy day in Gothenburg. In between I had a little time to see Stockholm and visit the curent “Absolut Vodka” show at the Spiritmuseum. It is a show well worth a visit and displays 69 out of the 850 pieces big collection. Here are photos from the trip, the walls and some detail shots. Thanks for a great time to everyone involved!
21IMG_453420IMG_7132 19IMG_7133 18IMG_7144 17IMG_714916IMG_6860 15IMG_6894 14IMG_6892 13IMG_6833 12IMG_6819 11IMG_685310IMG_6913 9IMG_6914 8IMG_7071 7IMG_7194 6IMG_45635IMG_7188 4IMG_7179 3IMG_71582IMG_4582 1IMG_4579