The 500 Wall

In September, I painted a 550 sqm wall all by myself in only 7 days. After the 700 Wall, this was the largest mural I ever painted. However, in comparison the 640sqm of the 700 Wall took me 4 months to finish. So the 500 Wall is my very own time record. I used more than 1000 cans and painted 10-12 hours a day. I am scared of heights, so this wall was quite a challange in many ways. The mural is a massive version of one of my latest¬† canvases which I used as a “sketch” for the wall.

Thank you to all who supported me on the way! Special thanks goes out to Molotow who are always open for my mad ideas, the Alte Messe/LEVG who provided me with a cherry picker and wall paint as well as Joop Flack who documented the project and made a great making-of film. The wall can be found in Leipzig, Germany at the Alte Messe (old fair). Check out the photos by Marco Prosch and Joop Flack, as well as the film:

IMG_6201 IMG_6346 IMG_6362 IMG_6479 IMG_6482 IMG_6518 MadC_20130928_3441_MarcoProsch MadC_20130928_3621_MarcoProsch MadC_20130928_3637_MarcoProsch MadC_20130928_4236_MarcoProsch MadC_20130928_4324_MarcoProsch MadC_20130928_4355_MarcoProsch  MPRO9257